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Blue Rudder has delivered leadership and communication keynotes for the past decade to organizations all across the US. Their content and style will challenge your thinking, invigorate your passion, and inspire you to become a better leader.

"I've heard Bill Clinton and Colin Powell speak. You were better than both of them."  
-HR Director, Fortune 100 Company


"We utilize a survey tool for feedback after every speaker we bring in. Your scores are among the highest we've ever seen."    
- Talent Development Manager, Fortune 500 Company


"Of all the leadership training I have been through, your talk was by far the best. From my experience as a leader and watching others lead, I can say that your message is spot on. It truly resonated with me on a visceral level."    
- MBA Candidate, University of Michigan Ross School of Management

These interactive workshops are an engaging experience that has altered the path for both individuals and organizations alike. The 1-3 day sessions equip leaders and teams with the knowledge and tools they need to immediately begin improving workplace communication. Workshops can delivered for up to 150 people at a time, but is also well suited for small teams of 6-12. 

"There's zero doubt your teaching has made me a better leader, but more than that, and more important, I'm truly a better person."  
-Regional Manager, Fortune 100 Company


"Thank you for making the trip over to present to our leadership team. I've received nothing but excellent feedback. Your time here will serve as a career-long memory for many."
- General Manager, Logistics, Fortune 500 Company


"That was an excellent session! Seriously awesome. I can't wait to get back to work and share this with my team."    
- Senior Director, Global Nonprofit

Blue Rudder custom designs and delivers top-tier leadership programs to small companies and large corporations alike, spanning the US and into abroad. The original content, talented team of teachers, and proven concepts bring a fresh, innovative edge to clients, and provide a rich leadership development experience that's unparalleled in the industry.  

"I went through your program four years ago, and I had gone through many different trainings for more than 20 years before that...and a few more in the four years since. Yours was absolutely my favorite one."  
-Senior HR Manager, US Department of Energy

"I was skeptical when I began this program because I've been through so many trainings, and frankly so many are a waste of time. This was a pretty incredible twelve weeks for me. I wish we were coming back next week."    

- Senior Engineer, Hanford Site

"When we began, I said I wanted to run one pilot program. We've now run nine full programs back to back for four and a half years. Suffice it is to say that the pilot was a success."    

- Chief Operations Office, National Government Contractor

Dr. Kincaid works with individuals to foster the development of each person's leadership knowledge and capabilities through one-on-one weekly coaching sessions. All coaching relationships are unique in nature and focus on the specific development needs and/or desires of each individual. Click here to learn more or to book a Coaching session