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“Permission to Speak Freely is a rare leadership book that entertains and educates. The stories are memorable, the research is meaningful, and the takeaways are immediately actionable.”

- Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take and Originals


"We simply cannot figure out what is essential as leaders without people sharing what they are seeing, hearing and experiencing. This takes powerful listening on the part of the leader. These truths—and how to make them a reality—is beautifully illustrated in Permission to Speak Freely."

- Greg McKeown, New York Times bestselling author of Essentialism


"This book tackles the most important problem in organizations today—leaders do not know how to encourage their subordinates to speak up. Permission to Speak Freely not only identifies the problem with powerful stories but offers suggestions that are important to leaders at every level, especially those at the very tops of their organization.”

- Edgar H. Schein, Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management, and author of Humble Consulting and Humble Inquiry


“Incredible writing. Edible lessons. I set out to read a chapter of Permission to Speak Freely and then couldn’t put it down. Devour this book and learn from it.”

- Scott Snook, Harvard Business School Senior Lecturer and coauthor of The Discover Your True North Fieldbook and The Handbook for Teaching Leadership

“Crandall and Kincaid adroitly reveal how leaders inadvertently derail creativity and commitment, and deliver keen insights on how to avoid that trap. Permission to Speak Freely is a powerful reminder to leaders that they aren’t necessarily the smartest people in the room.”

- Tom Kolditz, Founding Director, Ann and John Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University, retired Brigadier General; and former Professor and Leadership Program Director, Yale School of Management.

"The tenets illustrated in Permission to Speak Freely are already shaping the way I operate my business, build my team, and consult on matters of organizational change management. This book is a remarkable tool for diverse leaders worldwide."

- Tyler Borders, Cofounder and Principal, Dartlet